Justin Bieber Tweets Phony Number, Texas Man Suffers the Consequences

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Justin Bieber was having a little fun with an unidentified person on Twitter Wednesday night. The messages sound a little flirtatious so maybe they were directed at his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The string of messages ended with a demand from Justin for the person to “Call me right now.”

The last message included a phone number with a 214 area code. Guess where that corresponds to? Texas! Everybody knows Selena is from Texas, so could he have been trying to send her a message? Unfortunately, the number was missing the last digit. Justin coyly used a question mark in its place. Although he quickly deleted the string of messages, Beliebers were way too quick for him and managed to get the number.

One missing number is not going to stop Justin’s fans from trying to reach him. Seriously, it could only be one of ten. You can only guess what happened next. Some poor guy in Texas was inundated with phone calls! Emily Horton is the attorney representing the unidentified Texan. She says between the time the tweet was sent out on Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon, the man received close to a thousand calls.

Fortunately, most of the callers were apologetic and promised to spread the word the number was a fake. In the meantime, the man is stuck fielding calls for Justin Bieber. His lawyer explains the number has been her client’s for the past 20 years. He has no intention of changing it as it could affect his personal and business communications.

It sounds like the attorney is considering a little suit against Justin for his Twitter faux pas. Why else would somebody get an attorney? Beliebers, do Justin a favor and quit calling the Texan.

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