Justin Bieber Tweets Sexiest, Shirtless, Pants-Dropping Pic Ever–Meant for Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber may be feeling dazed and confused about his personal life these days, but his rumored breakup with Selena Gomez hasn’t stopped him from working out. JB recently tweeted his fans a super hot half-naked photo that shows him proudly displaying his ripped, toned body and even dropping his pants to reveal his underwear. Was he trying to tempt Selena Gomez?

In what may be an effort to regain Selena Gomez’s attention, the Biebs posted the sexy pic, that you can see by clicking here, on his Instagram account.

“What song is next?” Biebs’ caption asked Selena–er–his fans.

That’s a good question which may be answered if the two ex lovebirds will run into each other in New York on November 12 when Selena will be honored there by Glamour Magazine as “Woman of the Year.” Justin Bieber will also be in the Big Apple that night performing in Brooklyn. Will they meet, or will they stubbornly and steadfastly ignore each other?

Stay tuned.

Photo Source: Zimbio

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