Justin Bieber Two-Wheeled Joyride–Trying the Bad Boy Thing?

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Justin Bieber is back home in California with all of his expensive toys and he is not wasting any time playing with them all. When you are 18 with millions of dollars at your disposal, XBOXs and iPods are nothing compared to Ferraris and Ducatis. Justin already took his Ferrari out for a spin and yesterday, it was time for a little two-wheel action.

The “Boyfriend” singer recently purchased the slick ride, which just happens to be almost identical to his mentor, Usher’s Ducati. Justin looked like the bad boy he seems to want to be decked out all in black.

However, it wasn’t black leather he was sporting. He donned black jeans, a black hoodie and of course, a black helmet. His footwear was the only splash of color, and boy was it bright. Bright red studded sneakers stood out against his black ensemble, which just happened to coordinate with his black and red bike. The guy could probably have a career in fashion if the music thing falls through.

His little joyride was all in the name of work. He was on his way to rehearsals for the AMAs and clearly wanted to save money on gas, right? Boys and their toys. What will Justin Bieber be driving today? The Batmobile lookalike? His Fisker?

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