Justin Bieber Urges Fans to Enjoy Nature on Twitter: Selena Gomez, Baylor Included?

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Justin Bieber seemed excited about nature today on Twitter. In fact, he urged his fans to go outside and enjoy their Sunday afternoon. Did he include his girlfriend Selena Gomez in his encouragement? The last thing she tweeted was a picture of Baylor and Wallace sleeping. Perhaps the happy couple needs to get outside and take the dogs for a walk.

Justin Bieber Urges Fans to Enjoy Nature on Twitter: Selena Gomez, Baylor Included?Early on Sunday, Justin Bieber tweeted, “#NATURE” excitedly. The reason for the tweet was ambiguous, and it prompted people to make Twitter jokes about making babies with Selena Gomez. Just a bit later, Biebs tweeted, “everyone try and get out and enjoy your sunday. #muchlove,” which provided a little more insight to his earlier tweet.

Obviously the Baby singer wanted to let his followers know that it was a beautiful day outside, and a great time to get out and enjoy being alive. Hopefully he and Selena Gomez spent a little time outside with their dog Baylor and her dog Wallace. The Love You Like a Love Song singer’s latest tweet was a picture of the two dogs curled up together sleeping, which is adorable, but surely they are also getting plenty of exercise, which is certainly something to do outside in nature.

Did you follow Justin Bieber’s advice and get outside to enjoy the beautiful Sunday after Thanksgiving weather? It is always nice to enjoy nature during every season even though it may be cold in many North American locations right now.

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