Justin Bieber Vomits Twice Onstage at First ‘Believe’ Tour Concert

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Justin Bieber fans got an extremely unpleasant surprise at their idol’s sold out concert in Glendal, Arizona on September, 29. An obviously ill Biebs kicked off his eagerly awaited “Believe” Tour by vomiting twice onstage. The cause of his illness is unknown, however, he managed to finish the show, and he even returned bravely for an encore. He also thanked his loyal fans for their support. What a trooper.

Local radio personalities Johnjay Van Es and Rich Barra confirmed that Justin vomited twice during his performance and had to leave the stage. They also reported that “fans did some of the singing while Bieber was backstage.” Van Es who spent time with JB backstage before the show, reported that the pop wunderkind complained about feeling weak, and that he ate some nachos and drank Gatorade.

Nachos and Gatorade? Ugh. No wonder he vomited.

Vomiting or not, Justin Bieber has performances lined up in forty-five more cities before finishing the tour in Miami on January 26, 2013. His next show is on September 30 in Las Vegas. Always the optimist, the “Boyfriend” singer tweeted his fans goodnight after the ill-fated Arizona show. He also tweeted a photo that you can see here, in which he looks somewhat tired and wan, but basically O.K. His caption read:

“Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show !!!! Love u”

Awww. Feel better, JB.

Photo source: Zimbio

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