Justin Bieber Vs. Onion Ring (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber meet onion ring….the fight is on.  Is no Canadian safe from the havoc wreaked by this crunchy, tasty treat? It all started last Tuesday with the Facebook page “Can this onion ring get more fans than Steven Harper?” Steven Harper is Canada’s prime minister, for all you non-Canucks out there. The answer was a resounding yes, with more web surfers becoming fans of the fatty side dish than the Canadian leader.  Now the onion ring is heady with hubris, and up for a bigger challenge.  Next up: Can this onion ring get more fans than Justin Bieber? At last count, the onion ring had more than 1.6 million fans, roughly the same number as Justin. “Just in” case you are over the age of eleven, we’ll fill you in on exactly who Justin is.  The 15-year-old is a Canadian R&B singer, and there’s probably a poster of him on your niece’s bedroom wall.  First up, here’s a link to the Facebook page:


Does he have more staying power than an onion ring?  Here’s some video to help you decide:



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