Justin Bieber Wants Selena Gomez Back; Will That Happen?

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Justin Bieber reportedly wants to win Selena Gomez back. What do you think the “As Long As You Love Me” singer’s chances are of that happening?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, even Selena Gomez’s parents think the split is a good idea. How can Justin possibly convince Selena to get back together with him if her mom and stepdad are against it?

Jelena (Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez)“Selena and her mother are super close, and she doesn’t want Selena held back by Justin and all this drama,” a source says. “Her mom always thought the relationship was troubled.”

Selena’s parents were especially relieved that the two had broken up when they learned about Justin’s recent pot smoking incident.

“Selena has cut off Justin. She told him they can remain friends but she needs space for a while to get over him fully,” the source says.

The “Beauty and A Beat” singer is still kidding himself, however. He believes Selena will eventually change her mind and come back to him.

Do you think Justin Bieber is fooling anyone but himself? Selena reportedly split with him for two reasons—Barbara Palvin and his immaturity. He may or may not still be seeing the Victoria’s Secret model, however, he definitely hasn’t done much growing up. His actions since their breakup alone have taken on an even more immature air.

Do you think Selena Gomez will take Justin back—especially in light of her parents and their feelings?

You can see a great photo of Selena and her parents by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

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