Justin Bieber Wheeling and Dealing for Calabasas Mansion

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Justin Bieber is reportedly wheeling and dealing over the price of a Calabasas mansion he wants to buy. He’s made an offer on the sprawling mansion, but if the owner won’t give in to some of his demands, the deal is likely to fall through.

According to a report from TMZ, the asking price on the home is said to have been around $7 million, but Justin is said to have lowballed the offer—saying he’d pay about $1.5 million less than the asking price.

It seems if the deal Justin Bieberdoesn’t go through, the Boyfriend singer has other homes in mind. He’s not set on buying this one unless the price is right and has already looked around at other options. He reportedly isn’t going to buy the $10 million home that Two and A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher is presently living in, however, as previously rumored.

Probably the biggest questions fans have about Justin Bieber purchasing a home is whether or not his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, will be living there with him. What do you think? Will Selena and the Biebs shack up together, or will they wait until they decide about getting married to live together?

You can check out a couple of views of the home Justin Bieber is wheeling and dealing over by clicking here. Pretty amazing place, isn’t it?

It will be interesting to see if Justin gets to buy this home or if he turns his sights toward other options. It’s good to see that even though the 18-year-old is very clearly rolling in the dough, he’s not letting people take advantage of him. He’s set his price, and he’s sticking to it.

Do you suppose that comes from growing up in rather meager circumstances?

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