Justin Bieber Will Perform at 2012 Much Music Video Awards

Okay, Justin Bieber fans, there will be a chance for you to see him do his thing at the 2012 Much Music Awards in Canada. The 18-year-old dream of teenage girls all over the world has been using Twitter to make some major announcements.

He also Tweeted about some of the songs on his newest album, Believe. Justin Tweeted, “maybe if #DieInYourArms goes #1 on iTunes we should drop another song from #BELIEVE the following week too ;)”

This sounds like a challenge to all die-hard Bieber fans.

A new single, performing at the Much Music Awards show, and he just graduated from high school recently. Justin Bieber has been a very busy young man, and it seems like he is not intending on slowing down one bit. Perhaps spending a little time with Selena Gomez helps him to unwind after a busy day of making teenage girls’ hearts skip a beat.

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