Justin Bieber’s $100K Fisker Towed During ‘Believe’ Concert

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Justin Bieber is not exempt from parking lot laws no matter how big of a star he is. The Biebs is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and his flashy Fisker Karma is nearly as famous as he is. It does not exactly scream “incognito,” but that is clearly how Justin likes it. He loves the swag.

Despite his fame and the notoriety of the car, the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica was not about to bend the rules for the singing sensation. They say 15-minute parking, and they darn well mean it! And don’t you forget it! Last night, while Justin was performing at the Staples Center to a crowd packed with screaming Beliebers and a host of A-list celebrity friends, his $100K car was towed. The car was spotted being towed away around 8 pm as Justin was probably flying through the air on his wings.

Apparently, somebody in Justin’s camp parked the car in the spot clearly marked for 15-minute parking and left it for more than six hours. The car was spotted being towed away around 8 pm. Oh the horror! A spokesman for the hotel defends their decision to tow the vehicle, “It is Shore Hotel’s policy that if the owner of the car cannot be contacted and located, we will tow the car to safe location off-property.” Celebrity figures take note: These guys are not messing around. They don’t care how much fame or fortune you have.

Sorry Justin Bieber, rules apply to you just like everybody else.

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