Justin Bieber’s 6 Most Outrageous Moments Ever

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Justin Bieber is not only one of the most beloved celebrities in the world, he’s also one of the most outrageous. From his edgy sense of humor to his sometimes bizarre wardrobe choices, JB is unique. Recently, Hollywood Life compiled a list of the “Boyfriend” singer’s most outrageous moments. Which are also the same moments that make the world love him.

The Biebs is “funny…crafty, and…totally unpredictable.” It’s impossible to know what he’ll do or say next. So here, according to Hollywood Life, are the six most outrageous JB moments ever. Hold on to your hats, Beliebers, and get ready to laugh, scream, and/or even say “Awwww.”

As everyone knows Justin is an inveterate prankster. His love of jokes is legendary. So much so that he was personally chosen by Ashton Kutcher to host the rebooted MTV series Punk’d. Even before the first Punk’d episode, Justin appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in Feb, 2011, and punk’d his fans into believing he is getting his head shaved before their very eyes. Yikes.

In the same vein was the Teen Dream’s 2011 MTV Video Music Awards appearance when he introduced the world to his pet snake, Johnson. The woman who interviewed the Biebs almost fainted. The world was enthralled.

Perhaps the ultimate Justin Bieber as Prankster moment came on the première of MTV’s Punk’d reboot. JB punk’d Taylor Swift so effectively that he actually made her cry. Later, he revealed that that had been his aim all along. Ouch.

Justin received his admittedly well deserved comeuppance at this year’s 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. He was “totally slimed.” In fact, he looked like someone who’d just escaped from the set of a 1950s horror movie—maybe The Blob.

Of course, not everyone finds Justin Bieber incessantly charming. Last month, he tweeted a partial phone number to his 19 million followers. He deleted it almost immediately of course, but his undaunted fans had seen enough to spend hours trying to figure out the last digit. The result was that two people in Texas wound up getting thousands of phone calls. They’ve both filed lawsuits against him. Ouch.

And now for the pièce de résistance. Sometimes the Biebs is just plain lovable. The best example? His now legendary Staples Center date with his one and only love, Selena Gomez. For those who’ve been living under a rock since last September, JB rented out the Staples Center so that he and Selena could watch the film Titanic alone together. Now that’s outrageously lovable.

So there you have them. If you’re done sighing “Awwww.” you can click here to see the pics of JB enjoying all six of those outrageous moments.

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