Justin Bieber’s Basketball Skills Need Some Work

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Justin Bieber has been waiting for the chance to prove he is an actor as well as a singer. He has been signed on to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in a film about basketball, but the project has faced one delay after another. Mark has compared the film as a modern-day Color of Money. If that is the case, Justin has a real shot at becoming an A-list actor as well as one of the top-selling musicians in the world.

While talking about his busy scheduled with MTV, Justin eluded to the film. Even he is lost as to what is going on, “I don’t know what the deal is.” His costar insinuated the script was not quite good enough and the powers-that-be behind the film want to give Justin and Mark something really fabulous to work with. Justin adds, “Turns out they’re rewriting the script or something, trying to make it fit better and stuff.”

In the meantime, Justin has kept busy with his upcoming album, Believe. He has spent a lot of time in the studio, which has left little time for shooting hoops. Apparently, he is a little rusty. He explains, “I got to get back in the gym. I haven’t played basketball in a while.” Justin is a natural athlete, but if the film is going to be based on basketball, he will need to hone his skills.

The 18-year-old has hit the gym lately in an effort to build up his muscles or “guns” as he calls them. If he is shooting a movie about basketball, it is almost inevitable there will be shirtless scenes. Obviously, the lanky teen wants to look like he has the muscular build most basketball players sport. Are you excited to see Justin Bieber in his first starring role on the big screen?

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