Justin Bieber’s ‘Batmobile’ Pulled Over

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Justin Bieber has a car that’s easy to spot. The ‘Biebermobile’ (as his fans call it) is a CTS-V Cadillac coupé and is noted to resemble the infamous Batmobile.

Witnesses observed the car getting pulled over in Kitchener and wondered if the teen heart-throb was behind the wheel. One witness, Tom Kukla, watched the incident unfold and decided to take a shot at meeting the teen, but ended up disappointed, saying:

“It was unmistakably his vehicle, I recognized it right away. I went up to the window to talk to him, He said, ‘Oh, I’m his dad. I’m Jeremy, nice to meet you.’ “

The ‘Biebermobile’ isn’t immune to police, as Justin has found out in the past. California police have pulled over the teen twice, but each time he was given a warning. Whether or not Bieber’s dad was as lucky is not known.

Justin Bieber is currently in Mexico with girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Although no one had the chance to meet the singer during the incident, seeing his decked out car must have been quite a treat!

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