Justin Bieber’s Beliebers Preparing ‘Thank You JB’ Tribute Song

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Justin Bieber is known for making the dreams of his millions of fans come true and now it is their turn to show the love. Justin’s 18th birthday is around the corner, and Beliebers are creating a very unique gift for the talented Canadian singer.

In a joint effort, Beliebers are doing their part to help create a musical masterpiece. It is not entirely clear who will actually be performing the song, but the organizers plan to release the information very soon. As of today, the song’s lyrics are still being fine-tuned, but Justin Bieber fans can expect an update very soon.

Justin’s fans are getting the chance to be included in the video for the song. However, you better hurry, the organizers make it very clear that clips are being placed in the video on a first come, first serve basis. As you can imagine, the second the project was announced, they were flooded with eager Bieber fans. Photos are no longer being accepted.

The “Thank You JB Song” is not only a gift to the musical superstar, but a gift to his Believe charity as well. Justin loves to give his hard-earned money away and has influenced his fans to be as generous as possible. The song will be available on iTunes on March 1, which just happens to be Justin’s birthday. All proceeds will be going to Justin’s charity. This is an amazing opportunity for fans to get noticed while giving back. It is a guarantee Justin will see this video. Put your best smile on and strike a pose!

Beliebers are encouraged to wear something eye catching, but appropriate. Justin’s fans tend to be underage; anything too racy and you will certainly be cut from the final video. The project is being supported by TogetherWeRise and BrushBuddies. The latter is the company responsible for the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush. Who wouldn’t want to hear Justin’s voice singing to you every morning while you are in the bathroom?

Whether you love him or hate him, it is impossible not to recognize how much good this young man does with his celebrity status. It is truly inspiring to see other young people from all around the world emulating his charitable actions.

Justin recently proved how valuable his support is. After a couple of tweets in support of organ donation in Canada, the organization added more than 500 organ donors to their registry in a matter of days.

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