Justin Bieber’s “BFF” Selena Gomez Chucks Her Purity Ring.

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Justin Bieber and his “BFF,” Selena Gomez have been denying their alleged romantic involvement for months now.  Gomez, especially, has given a plethora of interviews filled with veiled hints and mixed messages about their supposedly non-existent relationship.  Just before Christmas, she coyly denied being the inspiration for Bieber’s recent hit single, Latin Girl, while waxing in rhapsody about his “…interesting…brown/hazel-y… really pretty” eyes.  Not terribly convincing.  In fact, the last time the two teen stars were spotted together, they were hugging on Bieber’s tour bus after his recent Miami concert.  If only there was a way to find out what really  happened (or didn’t happen) on that bus.   

Alas, there’s no way of knowing for sure.  But, Gomez, herself, may have inadvertently given the world a hint as to the next installment in the ongoing “are they or aren’t they together” saga of Selena and the Biebs.     

According to TMZ, it all started over two years ago, when the Disney starlet promised herself that she would remain a virgin until after marriage.  As a sign of her good faith, she outfitted herself with a “promise” ring also commonly known as a “purity” ring to symbolize her newly minted vow of chastity.   However when Gomez was photographed entering Bieber’s bus to give him his post performance congratulatory hug, her ring finger was shockingly bare.  What could that mean? 

Did Gomez remove her purity ring and deliberately leave it behind?  Did she and Justin Bieber shatter her vow of chastity on the bus?  (Hopefully not.)  Or was their long awaited, long debated hook up already a fait accompli? (Hopefully.  Anyplace would be more romantic than the bus.)  Or have Bieber and Gomez foreseen and discussed an inevitable love connection in their shared future, thus causing Gomez to remove her purity ring in advance so as not to break her promise on that inevitable day when they can no longer resist temptation?   

It seems the situation is accelerating.  In the meantime, what do you think?

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