Justin BIeber’s Big ‘Today Show’ Announcement

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Some fans lined up two days ahead of time to see Justin Bieber perform on the Today Show plaza on Wednesday. Those present learned early that morning that the Biebs would be making a big announcement prior to the performance.

Speculation ran high, as some wondered if girlfriend Selena Gomez might be accompanying the Biebs. Could that be the big announcement Justin was going to make? Or would it pertain instead to a new album or tour plans?

Justin let the cat out of the bag back stage a little more than a half hour before his performance on the Today Show plaza. He announced to TV viewers and those on the Today Show set that his big announcement was the accompaniment of a huge star who would join him during his performance on stage.

Justin Bieber & UsherSelena Gomez? Can you imagine how excited Bieber fans would be? To see Justin and Selena together is akin to a dream come true.

But no, it wasn’t Selena’s name he dropped. He would be surprising waiting fans with another big star instead.

“Usher Raymond,” Justin Bieber announced to the home viewers.

‘Usher,’ as he is far more commonly known to fans has long been a friend and mentor to Justin Bieber, and the two planned to perform together on the Today Show plaza in front of who knows how many eagerly waiting fans.

Justin opened his show with his ever-popular song Never Say Never, and eventually turned to Christmas tunes from his new album Under the Mistletoe. When Usher joined him on stage for The Christmas Song, there was a sense of holiday spirit and overwhelming excitement in the air that surpassed that of Santa’s arrival.

Fans who lined up to see Justin will no doubt remember this performance on the Today Show plaza for a long time to come. And Bieber fans who love Usher got a double delight to kick off their Thanksgiving weekend.

Did you catch Justin Bieber and Usher on the Today Show plaza Wednesday morning–either in person or on TV?

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Article Source: The Today Show on NBC Wednesday November 23, 2011

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