Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Sets New Record

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Justin Bieber has managed to set a new record with his new single, “Boyfriend.” After a lot of hype and anticipation, the song has certainly lived up to fans’ expectations and may have even impressed a few haters. Beliebers have been heavily campaigning for the song, and it has apparently paid off.

MTV reports in its first week, “Boyfriend” has sold 520,000 downloads! That is a phenomenal number, but not quite enough to land him in the number one position. Instead, the single is number two for first week album sales with Flo Rida and Ke$ha holding the number one spot with 636,000 copies sold.

But, Justin’s song did break the record for the highest number of radio plays during a single’s first week on the airwaves. This record is more impressive considering Justin’s “Boyfriend” did better than any other male artist in nearly 20 years. He can certainly be proud of his success and has gone to great lengths to thank his Beliebers for all their help.

In fact, his UK Beliebers are going to get a little surprise. Justin announced his new song will be available on April 8 on iTunes, weeks ahead of the original May 20 release date. He is hoping the song will reach number one on the UK charts with the help of his loyal followers.

The success of the lead single off the Believe album is ensuring his foothold in the world of mainstream music. He is setting out to move into the world of adult entertainers and will be working to attract a wider audience base. “Boyfriend” is poised to become the first single by Justin Bieber to break into the Billboard Top 10. Things are looking great for the Biebs right now!

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