Justin Bieber’s Brawl with Paparazzi–Shocking New Details

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Justin Bieber seems to be in hot water after he allegedly smacked down a paparazzo in Calabasas, California. Now, there are photos of JB flipping the photographer the middle finger from inside his vehicle just before the big, bad fight. Oops.

By now, the world knows the sketchy details. Justin became involved in an altercation with a paparazzo who was blocking his car when Justin and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, emerged from a date in Calabasas. The altercation turned physical and a scuffle ensued. The pap filed a police report and went to the hospital. Rumor has it that he spoke with an attorney at the scene. The Biebs is now wanted for questioning. To reiterate: Oops.

What the world did not know until today is that Justin Bieber flipped the offending photog the middle finger from inside his vehicle before their physical confrontation. As you can see in a photo here, Biebs looks extremely angry and even somewhat menacing as he glares at the pap and then flips him off through the windshield. Whether or not this will have any bearing on the incident’s final outcome in court (if it reaches court) is unknown. It does seem to indicate, however, that JB was mad as hell even before he set foot outside the car. Does the Teen Dream have anger management issues?

In a May 28 poll conducted by a JB fan site, respondents were asked if they thought Justin will (should?) have to go to court over the incident. An overwhelming 75.67 percent voted: “<label class=”pds-feedback-label”>No, that paparazzi deserves a bitch-slap or two.</label>” Ouch. Only 12.22 percent responded; “Yes, definitely.” Oddly enough, almost as many–12.1 percent–said they weren’t sure.

So, there you have it. And before you decide how you would have voted, check out the video below of JB taking boxing lessons from his friend. Mike Tyson. Once again, oops.

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