Justin Bieber’s Disneyland Debacle Caught On Tape

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17-year-old Justin Bieber is known for being a pretty nice guy, despite being a super star. He has never seemed to let that go to his head and almost always makes time for his fans.

Even though he appreciates all of his Beliebers, sometimes the super famous teenager needs a break. Bieber was at Disneyland on Tuesday with his Valentine, Selena Gomez, and family. According to Hollywood Life, he was trying to enjoy a day with his little siblings and didn’t want a lot of attention, which is understandable.

However, a few of his fans spotted him on a ride and started shouting that they account for some of his more than 17,000,000 Twitter followers. Not wanting the attention, Bieber flipped them the bird and reportedly shouted, “F*** You.”

That seems like a drastic move to take just for someone yelling that they’re Twitter followers of his. There seems like there may be more to the story. Perhaps Justin Bieber was being provoked by a hater (as many Beliebers have alleged) and only the last half was conveniently captured on tape.

Whatever the real reason, could this potentially hurt Bieber’s image? Do you think there is more to the story than him simply ranting?

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