Justin Bieber’s Emotional Visit with the Berry Children (Video)

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Justin Bieber is almost as famous for his generous heart as he is for his musical talent. He may be young, but he has already given back so much more than other celebrities who have been around for much longer. His generosity and concern for others is evident in a new video posted by Young Hollywood.

In the video, you will see Justin meet the Berry children. Last year, Justin helped kick off the Show Your Hearts campaign in an effort to raise money for the orphaned children. These are the children whose parents were killed in a tragic accident that left the two boys paralyzed. You can only imagine the medical costs associated with the accident and Justin managed to shed a bright light on the children’s plight in an effort to raise funds for the family.

Last month, Justin’s tour landed in Houston where the kids live. He invited them to his concert and for a very special meeting. He hung out with the three young people and seemed to be very humble. He ditched all the swag and was just Justin, not the big Hollywood celebrity.

You can watch the video of Justin Bieber giving back below. Beware, it is a tearjerker and you will need a few tissues on hand. Justin’s parents should be very proud of this young man. He appears to be a truly caring individual, willing to take time out of his busy schedule to show he cares.

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