Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend gets Violent Death Threats

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Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas, has been getting death threats from a stalker—ugly and violent threats of murder and rape, posted as videos on YouTube. Jasmine has taken out a restraining order against the man behind the violent threats, which an El Lay Superior Court Judge just granted the singer. A restraining order is good for three years, reports Perez Hilton—as good as a restraining order ever is. Someone crazy enough to videotape himself wielding a machete while he threatens celebrity murder is not likely to pay much attention to a court order.

The R&B singer, also known for her soul and pop, was accustomed to having pre-teen girls hate her, the same way Justin Bieber fans now think malicious File:Justin Bieber 2011.jpgthoughts toward Selena Gomez (whom Jasmine Villegas closely resembles). But this nutcase appears to be for real—at least, his threats are real enough that it seems he could have been charged with a crime, instead of merely being served with a restraining order.

If he violates the order in any way, he will be charged, because such violation is a crime. But other stalker victims have found that waiting until someone makes good on his threats to be too little, too late. Fans might wonder if the man’s obsession has anything to do with Justin Bieber, or if it is purely directed at Jasmine Villegas. So far, no word. With luck, this dangerous situation will all go quietly away, with no further harm done.

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