Justin Bieber’s Fans Want Twitter to ‘Verify Beliebers’

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Justin Bieber’s fans have a reason to believe that they’re just a little more special than some musicians’ fans—after all, they discovered the Biebs on YouTube long before Scooter Braun signed him. But should Twitter really “Verify Beliebers”?

This term started trending on Twitter today, and for those that don’t know what it means, Tweets Center offers an explanation—Beliebers are trying to get Twitter to verify them with a special purple checkmark. Any good Belieber knows that purple is the Biebs’ favorite color, so that’s why they’ve chosen it over the blue checkmarks that verify celebrity accounts.

It’s certainly true that Bieber fans are a force to be reckoned with on Twitter—they are constantly getting Bieber-related terms to trend, and there are over 18 million of them. However, other celebrity fans might make a mess of things if Twitter caves to the request to verify Beliebers—next thing you know, Lady Gaga’s little monsters will be demanding their own pink checkmarks. After all, she’s got over 20 million followers, so her fans could argue that they’re even more deserving of being verified.

Plus it’s not like Beliebers will be able to force Twitter to verify them by quitting the site—if they boycott Twitter in a concerted effort to get their purple checkmarks, it will drive them crazy not being able to keep up with Justin’s tweets. Then again, they could always use one of the many websites that display celebrity tweets to see what’s going on with him.

Beliebers are celebrities in their own right—they do make headlines sometimes for doing things like aiming death threats at Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. But what requirements would have to be met for Twitter to verify Beliebers? Would they be required to have a Justin Bieber-related Twitter handle; a photo of the star as their profile pic; and a certain number of tweets about the Biebs? Regulating something like this would get very messy.

So what do you think—are Justin Bieber fans special enough to deserve their own Twitter badges?

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