Justin Bieber’s Ferrari a Cop Magnet, Busted in Hollywood

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Justin Bieber may want to think about getting a new car. His snazzy Ferrari seems to be a trouble magnet. Paparazzi and cops are both drawn to it like a moth to a flame. If it isn’t being chased by photographers, police are lighting it up. Late last night, Justin lent his car to yet another friend, Lil Za. When you’re a big star with millions in the bank, that little rule about not loaning your car to friends doesn’t apply.

Around 1:30 a.m., Lil Za was busted by police in West Hollywood for the window tint issue. The windows are tinted darker than the legal limit. Justin is clearly willing to take that ticket and enjoy a modicum of privacy from the shutterbugs that tend to surround him. However, Justin has a license and can get away with a simple ticket. His pal, Lil Za, does not. Shame, shame Justin. Are you trying to get your car towed?

Paparazzi were there at the scene of the traffic stop (of course) and snapped a picture of the disgruntled young rapper flipping the bird, while seated in the back of the police car. He is a lucky dude, police gave him a ticket and sent him on his way.

Justin Bieber has no qualms about handing his keys over to anybody. He may want to rethink his policy of loaning his $200k car to anybody and everybody. If these guys are truly his friends, they would have more respect for Justin and not put his car at risk of being towed away.

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