Justin Bieber’s First Nude Photo Scandal Begins–Is Selena Gomez Next?

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Justin Bieber essentially warned his millions of Beliebers a scandal was on the horizon. His personal laptop and camera were stolen a couple of days ago. He used Twitter to reveal his irritation and revealed there was plenty of “personal footage” on the camera and laptop. It was pretty obvious those personal pictures would be hitting the internet. The only question was, would they compromise Justin’s squeaky-clean image alone or will Selena Gomez also be left red-faced?

Shortly after Justin announced the theft, a picture of a naked male began to make its way around the internet. The picture is being touted as Justin and the infamous Jerry, which is securely held by the dude in the photo. A small tattoo on the left hip is supposedly the tell-tale sign that this is, in fact, a naked and quite frankly, awkward photo of the Biebs.

Already, the picture is being called a fake and nothing more than a nasty prank. There is no face in the picture. The only identifying mark is the so-called tattoo which could be the handy work of Photoshop or a sharpie, for that matter.

Justin Bieber has not commented on the photo and will probably not even bother addressing it. Deny, deny, deny. It is not the first time somebody has tried to pass off a photo of a naked guy and claim it was Justin. Selena Gomez has also suffered the same Photoshop treatment. With the revelation that there could be some risqué photos floating around, it won’t be long before Selena is subjected to the same so-called naked photo scandal.

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