Justin Bieber’s Friday Freebie in NYC: How He Saved One Fan There

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Justin Bieber, the boy who would be a man, has his fans camping out for days just to be one of the first in line to see his free Today Show concert performance in NYC on Friday. But that’s nothing new as his free concerts in Oslo, Norway and Mexico City drew the same kind of response.

Justin Bieber, April 2011What is new is that his New York fans, include Jenessa, a 7-year-old girl whose mother, Carla Britton, credits the pop idol of her daughter for getting the child through chemo therapy for leukemia.

Britton says her daughter was able to bear treatment because she “had headphones on” and those headphones were carrying music from Selena Gomez’s boyfriend, who teaches the young and old to “Believe”.

Now that’s really a worthy accomplishment the Biebs can be proud of compared to other things he has achieved, like punking manager Scooter Braun on Twitter recently.

Jenessa isn’t going to be the only fan in the audience thankful for a shot at seeing the popular artist giving a free mini-concert at the Rockefeller Center courtesy of NBC’s Today Show. In fact, the streets are already burgeoning with his fans, including a 16-year-old who was first in line, according to the NY Daily News.

Amina Morsi, 16, feels as inspired about the Biebs as Britton, a girl more than half her age, crediting his music with encouraging her, too, to “Never say never”. So she will be one of Justin Bieber’s Friday freebie groupies in NYC as well.

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