Justin Bieber’s Hottest Real-Life Boyfriend Moments Ever–Would Selena Gomez Agree?

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Justin Bieber’s long-awaited Boyfriend music video will début on May 3 on MTV. It will be followed by a Question & Answer segment with JB. No doubt, there will be scads of questions about his real-life experiences as a boyfriend. Although only Selena Gomez can accurately evaluate those, MTV has compiled a list of the Teen Dream’s best boyfriend moments of all time. Wonder if La Gomez would agree with their choices?

During the course of their relationship, Justin has certainly “swept Selena off her feet with some pretty elaborate dates.” The most outstanding ones, according to MTV are as follows:

Back in January 2011, the concept of Bieber and Gomez as a couple was just an idle rumor. Then came the photos of the teen stars kissing and canoodling on the balcony of a resort hotel in St. Lucia. Or was it a yacht? Whatever. The paparazzi’s pics left no doubt that the two were indeed an item.

The following year, the pop wunderkind and his Latin Girl finally went public at the 2011 Oscars. They walked the red carpet arm in arm and posed for pictures together. They even sported color coordinated red and black outfits.

Several months later at the VMAs, Biebs punk’d the world with his pet baby boa constrictor, Johnson. He was also interviewed by VMA host, Selena Gomez, whom he hugged and to whom he gave a “very public kiss on the cheek.”

Then came the big one. The date heard, read, and talked about around the world. Justin Bieber rented out the entire Staples Center just so he and his lady-love could watch Titanic alone in peace. What else is there to say?

A few weeks later, he did the same thing in a Canadian theater. It was once again a great, generous, loving gesture, but the movie was Real Steele, and the theater was just a theater. Somehow, it didn’t pack quite the same punch as the Staples Center Titanic date. Nevertheless, no one could doubt his intentions or his sincerity.

Last but far from least is the Lakers game last month. Justin and Selena just can’t seem to get away from the Staples Center. This time Jelena got caught on the famous Kiss-Cam. Although they both later called their televised Kiss-Cam PDA “humiliating” and “embarrassing,” they probably both secretly loved it. The rest of the world certainly did.

So there you have them. Justin Bieber’s all-time hottest moments as Selena Gomez’s perfect boyfriend. Actually, the Spring Breakers star could probably add a few more examples of her own to the list, but they might be a bit too private to recount. Just saying.

Stay tuned.

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