Justin Bieber’s ‘Jerry’ Dissed by Nicki Minaj (Video)

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Poor Justin Bieber. By now the whole world knows about the new Justin Beaver sex doll. He must be mortified. Or not. Actually, it’s far more likely that the eighteen-year-old is secretly tickled pink, or at the very least intrigued by the idea. However, Selena Gomez’s man is probably not at all happy about the comment Nicki Minaj made about him in a recent interview. The beautiful rapstress actually dissed JB’s BFF “Jerry,” referring to poor Jerry as a “little thing.” Ouch.

In a recent interview on the Alan Carr Show, La Minaj became a little too descriptive when asked about the bumping and grinding scene she and JB shared in his “Beauty and a Beat” music video. Carr practically interrogated Nicki about Justin “bumping and grinding all over [her] fanny” in the video. He then asked if JB “had made a move” on her since “he’s at that young age where he gets a h*rd-on when he gets on the bus.” Nicki vehemently denied any hanky-panky between them.

“No,” she replied emphatically. “He couldn’t even feel me through that big poufy skirt. His little thing… no.”

His little thing?! Poor Justin Bieber. And poor Jerry. Neither of them will ever live that comment down. Oh well, at least Selena Gomez must have been pleased by Nicki Minaj’s answer. Sort of.

You can watch Nicki Minaj dish on JB and “Jerry” on the video clip below. She starts talking about them at about the 7:50 mark. What do you think?

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