Justin Bieber’s Lavish Romantic Birthday Party for Selena Gomez–New Details Revealed

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After exiting the TCAs, Justin Bieber lavished love upon his birthday girl, Selena Gomez at a meticulously planned romantic birthday dinner party at Beverly Hills’ posh Il Cielo restaurant. Anyone who doubts that Jelena is still a couple deeply in love should have been at Selena’s party. Not only did JB spare no expense in making his lady-love’s big 2-0 a magically momentous event, he personally planned her birthday bash–even down to the last, most minute details.

“Justin made sure that everyone at Il Cielo treated Selena like a princess last night,” revealed an inside source. “He was really adorable about it. You could tell that her birthday dinner party meant a lot to him.”

To say that Selena’s happiness on her birthday meant a lot to her “Boyfriend” is a pathetic understatement. Eyewitnesses say Biebs was so determined to give La Gomez a picture perfect birthday party, that he even planned the menu and created the decorations.

“There were rose petals on the tables, which was Justin’s idea,” tattled the eyewitness. “He is quite the romantic. The party was held in the back room and was very intimate. There were about 30 guests. There was plenty of food to choose from including grilled calamari, baby spinach with sliced pears, goat cheese and candied walnuts, homemade pappardelle with lobster, grilled salmon and grilled rib-eye steak. There was a beautiful birthday cake for Selena along with a variety of desserts like Tiramisu, sorbet, and apple tarts. “

But Justin’s generosity and obvious love for Selena didn’t stop with just a romantic setting and delicious gourmet food. He also made a heartfelt speech about the many qualities that made him fall, and remain, in love with Selena Gomez. Everyone was touched by JB’s eloquence and sincerity–especially the birthday girl herself.

“Justin made a speech which brought tears to Selena,” the eyewitness gushed. “It was basically about how wonderful and exceptional Selena is and everyone stood up and applauded. It was very sweet. Justin looked like he is just head over heels in love with Selena.”


So, there you have it. Jelenators, rejoice. Haters, clench your fists with rage and cry: “Curses, foiled again!”

Justin Bieber, good job. Selena Gomez, Happy Birthday.

Note: The Teen Dream, an event planner? Who knew?

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