Justin Bieber’s Legal Team Can’t Get DNA from Mariah Yeater’s Baby

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Justin Bieber’s DNA test results might not ever be revealed because his legal team can’t get DNA from Mariah Yeater’s baby.

Beliebers everywhere are probably anxiously awaiting the results of the DNA test that the Biebs recently took, but there’s one big problem – there’s no DNA to compare Justin’s to.

According to TMZ, Mariah Yeater and her attorneys have avoided contacting Justin’s legal team in order to compare DNA samples. But she might have a good reason for not supplying baby Tristyn’s DNA – if it does prove that Justin is not the baby’s father, then it can be used as evidence against Mariah Yeater in the lawsuit that Justin Bieber is planning on filing against her.

Then there’s always the possibility that Mariah’s attorney is looking into her legal options at this point. After all, Justin didn’t take the DNA test the way that her lawyer wanted him to (he said that he wanted to watch the test with his own eyes). So perhaps Mariah’s attorney is going to try to insist that Justin Bieber take the test on his terms in order to buy a little more time to try to get the Biebs to agree to settle this matter out of court. After all, if Mariah and her legal team had their way, they’d probably just drag this out as long as possible hoping to get Justin to pay them to go away.

Or maybe Mariah Yeater will never hand over her baby’s DNA. She might have thought that it would be easy to get money from the Biebs in order to avoid a scandal, but she’s finding out the hard way that going up against a celeb that can afford a super legal team is a very stupid idea if you don’t provide any proof of your claims.

Mariah might also be thinking that she can still try to sell her story to the press as long as there’s no proof that Justin Bieber is not the father of her child.

So what do you think – will Mariah ever produce her baby’s DNA sample, or is she going to try to run from the mess that she created? And will Justin’s legal team sue her anyway?

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