Justin Bieber’s Loud Potty Mouth Offends Commercial Flight Passengers—Selena Gomez Mortified?

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Rumor had it that Justin Bieber’s neighbors were complaining being disturbed by his noisy, disruptive behavior. Well, it looks like they weren’t the only ones less than thrilled by their propinquity to Selena Gomez’s “Boyfriend.” Biebs’ neighbors are still complaining. Only this time, they’re not folks who live with him. They’re Air New Zealand passengers unlucky enough to have shared a flight with the Teen Dream when he returned from a trip Down Under. And according to the disgruntled Kiwis, Justin wasn’t just making noise. He was using language that would have made a fleet of sailors turn beet red. Oops. What would Selena Gomez say?

According to eyewitnesses, Justin and his entourage were sitting in first class having a great time—too great in fact. Reportedly, Justin and his friends were “blurting out cuss words—including some 4-letter selection—and getting so loud” that a deeply offended female passenger finally had to speak up. The lady in question, who was reportedly a mother of two, went up to Justin and asked him “to stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane. It’s not appropriate.”

Ouch. How embarrassing for the squeaky clean teen idol. Making noise is one thing, but profanity, gutter talk, sewer speech, filthy words, and obscene phrases—oh, the horror. The horror.

According to inside sources, Justin Bieber was “completely embarrassed.” He apologized profusely, and he presumably kept his mouth shut—or at least tuned to a lower decibel—for the duration of the flight.

Whether Selena Gomez was present during the embarrassing incident is unknown. But if the Spring Breakers star had been present, what would she have said? Surely, she would have been mortified. Or not. La Gomez was once chastised for bothering fellow diners at an L.A. eatery by talking and giggling too loudly with her BFF, Taylor Swift.

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