Justin Bieber’s New Song—Drugs and Trust Issues?

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Justin Bieber released a remix just hours ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. It was rather depressing in nature, too—talking about drugs and trust issues. What’s that all about, Justin?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the Biebs hardly cracked a smile at all during the VMAs. Is something going on, or was he simply trying his hand at adopting a “bad boy” persona? Earlier reports said they thought Justin’s fashion ensemble was an obvious borrowing of style from friend Kanye West—and everyone knows that cool rappers don’t smile. Top that off with the fact that he was rocking some new glasses and carrying a pet snake. What happened to the Bieber that causes the fever? This one was borderline cold!

The song that Justin Bieber released was part of a collaboration with Drake, and its title is actually Trust Issues. The lyrics aren’t particularly good ones and aren’t reflective of his typical style.

“The song’s lyrics talk about using purple drank which is an illegal liquid drug consisting of pain killers. Also, the hook calls out “b*tches” and says you can’t trust them,” the Hollywood Life blurb says.

Fortunately Justin’s lyrics in the song are changed a bit to at least level out the overall tone of the song.

“Imma sip until I feel it, I’mma smoke it till it’s done.”

That’s how Drake’s lyrics go. However Justin did at least change the lines to “I’mma sing until I feel it, I’mma go till it’s done.”

Do you think this song and its lyrics, along with Justin Bieber’s somber mood at the VMAs is anything to be concerned about? He’s not turning the corner and becoming a bad boy rapper, is he? Girlfriend Selena Gomez wouldn’t put up with that, and it was reported a couple of weeks back that she had a problem with him hanging out with his “gangsta” rapper friends.

Now if you listen to what Music Mix says, you’ll feel a little bit better about the whole scenario.

They claim the song indicates how special Selena Gomez is to Justin. In fact, it really means that she can be trusted, while others (gold diggers?) cannot. While Music Mix finds a brighter side to these lyrics, they also mention that it was good of Justin to eliminate the word bit*ches, as used in Drake’s version. Their view is that he’s done a good job expressing his fears (something many men find difficult) and the love for his woman (Selena Gomez, in Justin’s case) in the very same song. And that is something that rarely happens with men in the music world.

This is probably just an example of Justin Bieber trying out something new. What do you think about it? Justin’s fans and his girlfriend love him for who he is. He doesn’t need to try to be someone else. Could this be just a one-time thing?

It’s probably a safe bet that some people hope so.

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