Justin Bieber’s ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ Gets Grabby with Him Onstage (Video)

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Justin Bieber fans in Argentina are indeed an interesting and sometimes, inordinately aggressive bunch. At his October 12 concert, JB’s designated onstage “One Less Lonely Girl” got a little too frisky with the Teen Idol. In fact, she got kind of grabby with him. Well, actually…she was all over him like his hot red jumpsuit.

You have to hand it to the young lady chosen to be JB’s onstage “One Less Lonely Girl” at his kick off concert in Argentina on October 12. The unidentified belieber ascended the stage wearing denim cut-offs and a loose-fitting purple tee-shirt sporting the giant initials JB. She took her place on the stool provided, and after the requisite baseball cap was placed on her head, she sat, smiling broadly–not demurely–waiting for JB to come out and serenade her. But as you can see on the video below, that’s where any similarity between this girl and her predecessors ended.

Traditionally, the “One Less Lonely Girl,” is “supposed to be shy, broken-hearted and lonely,” just like the girl in the “One Less Lonely Girl” music video. The girl at the Biebs’ River Plate Estadio concert was anything but that. The Argentinian “Lonely Girl” didn’t weep or scream nor did she seem particularly broken-hearted. And she certainly wasn’t shy. When Justin Bieber gives her the traditional bouquet of roses and takes her face in his hands, she immediately starts caressing his arm. Seemingly startled, JB backs away. He dances around her and approaches again, but when he zeros in to kiss her cheek, she grabs his arm again and reaches up and caresses his cheeks. Yikes! Where is Selena Gomez when she’s obviously needed? JB tries one more time, but when she reaches up and starts fondling his face a third time, he backs away for good, and resorts to holding her hand instead. As the song ends, he retreats behind the stool, still holding her hand, and hugging her from the rear. Poor Biebs. He seems scared she might turn around and go after him again.

Kudos to the Argentinian “Lonely Girl” for her bravery and ingenuity. Hey, don’t fight the feeling.

As for, Justin Bieber, sorry JB. Sometimes even little girls have minds of their own and don’t stick to the script. Actually, it was a great compliment. Obviously, you cured her broken heart–fast.

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