Justin Bieber’s Other ‘Girlfriend’ Revealed in Sexy New Pics—What Will Selena Gomez Say?

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The identity of Justin Bieber’s Selena Gomez look-alike girlfriend in his Boyfriend music video has finally been revealed. And her name is not Pocahontas. It’s Rachel Barnes, and a slew of super sexy photos of the scantily clad brunette model have found their way onto the fan sites.

It has been suggested that Rachel Barnes could be considered the “luckiest girl in the world” with the exception of Selena Gomez. That’s because La Barnes is the much-discussed and much-maligned “Selena Gomez look-alike” who got to make out with JB on his recently revealed Boyfriend music video. The leggy 5’7″, 34-24-35 model was hand-picked by the Teen Dream who claimed he chose her to play his girlfriend in the video because he thought she resembled Pocahontas. That’s true. She also resembles Selena Gomez—albeit a more grown up and less PG version of the former Disney star.

As anyone who’s seen the Boyfriend music video knows, Rachel and the Biebs got pretty “hot and heavy” with their on-camera PDA. It was rumored that the real Selena Gomez was furious when she showed up unannounced on set and saw Barnes in a clinch with her man. Whether their sexy antics actually made Selena Gomez jealous is something only she could know. But interestingly, the obvious sexual chemistry between Rachel and her teen idol “Boyfriend” didn’t sit well with many of JB’s Beliebers. Some openly hated the look-alike. Other, more polite Beliebers simply said they didn’t think she was right for the part.

Recently Hollywood Life conducted one of its famous polls asking: “What do you think of Justin Bieber’s pick?” Only 30.34 percent thought “Rachel is perfect for the part.” A slightly more honest 22.52 percent replied: “She’s great, but I wish it was me.” And a brutally honest 47.14 percent opined: “I would have chosen a different girl.”

So, there you have it. The mystery of Biebs’ mystery “girlfriend” revealed. Now, she’s known. Even if she’s not liked. Can’t have everything.

Click here to see a slew of Rachel Barnes’ newly revealed sexy photos. Do you think Justin Bieber chose the right model for Boyfriend?

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