Justin Bieber’s Popularity Tanks–Bieber Fever Has Been Cured

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Justin Bieber’s career looks to be fizzling out. After several years of enjoying his status as one of the biggest pop stars in the world, it looks like Bieber Fever has been cured. Parents of young, impressionable Beliebers have had enough of the Canadian as well of some of his teen fans. What goes up, must come down, and Justin is certainly on the downward plunge.

According to a recent poll conducted by Forbes magazine, Justin’s antics over the past year have hurt his squeaky-clean image that parents and fans adored. Sure, he is 19 and was bound to grow up eventually, but fans were probably not fully prepared for the sudden shift in his image. He went from being a good boy that was kind and respectful to everybody, to the kid who is partying, smoking weed, and spitting on neighbors.

Here are just a few numbers from the recent poll. Parents who dislike the Biebs grew by 6 percent, which is not too bad, but here is the big one. Teens who dislike Justin grew by 10 percent. Apparently, he is no longer as cute as he once was either. He lost 5 percent in that category. Maybe it is all the ink he has been plastering on his body?

As far as the drug use, Justin’s future is grim according to the poll. A whopping 30 percent of Americans believe Justin Bieber will be in rehab by the time he is 30. Basically, Forbes is telling brands they may want to put their money elsewhere. Justin’s brand is losing steam and he may no longer be a bankable spokesperson.

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