Justin Bieber’s ‘Punk’d': Does Obama Know about Secret Prank?

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Justin Bieber’s new “Punk’d” will find itself full of celebrity pranks. The first show secretly pranked the always sweet Taylor Swift, but now the adventurous Bieber is raring to go all the way to the top. Straight to the White House.

Justin Bieber’s wish is to prank President Obama! Will the secret service even let Bieber’s pranksters get close enough to the President to pull off the prank? And is the “Punk’d” announcement of this secret fatal even before it begins.

Obviously as you read this article, you can tell that Bieber’s secret wish to prank Obama has been made public. Will “Punk’d” even be able to pull off a prank now?

Hopefully, Bieber will be able to prank the President, because it would be hilarious to watch!

A source associated with “Punk’d” revealed, “Justin Bieber would really love to punk President Obama. It’s [Justin and the crew’s] big goal. Some people working with the show have connections with the White House, plus Justin helped Obama out a few months ago by taking a photo with a fan [whom lost her father in 9/11] so maybe that would help our chances.”

How will this “Punk’d” secret remain a surprise to President Obama? The cat is out of the bag now. There is no way that Justin Bieber can pull off a prank now, unless he waits a few years to prank him. So, Obama will forget Bieber’s crazy pranking goal. However, he may not even be President by then!

The “Punk’d” source admits that pulling off this magnitude of prank may be too much for even Bieber and the show’s producers to pull off. The source stated, “We are certainly skeptical it will happen because it’s almost an election year and we don’t want to threaten national security for a prank. But it is Justin’s dream Punk’d episode.”

What do you think can Bieber and “Punk’d” pull off a big prank of Obama? Would you watch?

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