Justin Bieber’s Sexiest Instagram Pic Ever Hits Web?

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Justin Bieber has just posted a sexy new shirtless, captionless photo of himself to his Instagram account. But is it really his sexiest ever?

One Justin Bieber fan site has called Biebs’ latest Instagram pic the sexiest photo ever posted to the account. While another celebrity website raved about how his shirtless physique must surely have left girls “drooling.”

“Swoon!” gushed Hollywood Life. ” Justin is ripped. Forget a six-pack. He is definitely sporting eight. Sadly, half of his body is covered by a shadow, so we can’t really make out his face that well.”

The photo which you can see by clicking here is indeed an interesting one. Justin seems to be channeling his friend Mark Wahlberg back in the day when he was the rapper Marky Mark instead of a boastful 911 wannabe superhero. JB is standing, shirtless, on the edge of “what appears to be a lake at a park.” His hands are jammed into his pockets, and his dark pants are riding low so that the waistband of his tighty whities is clearly visible. He’s staring intently at the camera, and half his face and body are indeed obscured by shadow. The whole photo is more or less dark which is partly what makes it so and different. In fact, it’s the pic’s chiaroscuro lighting that makes it “artsy” and arresting. It is also the lighting that makes JB’s physique seem a tad more ripped and muscular than it really is. (Sorry, Justin). It’s an interesting photo. And a good one. But is it really the sexiest self-portrait the Teen Dream ever posted to his Instagram account? Lots of beliebers seem to think so.


OH MY GOSH,” Tweeted another, ” that is the SEXIEST pic on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FREAK EN LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

And hopefully a third belieber was exaggerating when she wrote;

“i died this was toooooo sexxyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So, there you have it. Do you think this is Justin Bieber’s sexiest pic ever. or just one of many?

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