Justin Bieber’s Trainer to Star on ‘The Biggest Loser’

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Justin Bieber’s trainer Dolvett Quince is set to star as another trainer on The Biggest Loser. But is he really the best man for the job?

Dolvett will be joining tennis star Anna Kournikova as a replacement for Jillian Michaels (she’s such a powerhouse that it takes two trainers to replace her!). Michaels previously said she was leaving The Biggest Loser in order to start a family, but evidently she just couldn’t stay away from TV–she’s set to co-host The Doctors, which is basically a daytime medical show that’s like crack for hypochondriacs.

Selena Gómez y Justin BieberAnyway, back to Dolvett Quince. The man definitely has plenty of muscle, but the fact that he’s the trainer for Justin Bieber makes his credentials a little bit questionable. The Biebs might be thin, but he’s not exactly ripped (it’s really disturbing how much he looks like a little boy when photographed alongside Selena Gomez).

But luckily Quince has some other celebrity clientele to judge his work on–he’s also the trainer for Janet Jackson. Unfortunately, Miss Jackson seems to suffer from a similar problem to that some of the contestants on The Biggest Loser have after they leave the show–she can lose a lot of weight, but she seems to have a hard time keeping it off (although to be fair, Dolvett Quince might not have been training Jackson during the times when her weight ballooned back up).

But who really cares if Dolvett Quince can put muscles on Justin Bieber’s scrawny frame or keep Janet Jackson looking like a fit fembot? All that matters is that he and Anna Kournikova make adequate eye candy for the show and that their good looks and gorgeous bods draw in more viewers.

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