Justin Bieber’s Tweet to Taylor Swift

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Did you know Justin Bieber is a fan of Taylor Swift? Well, if he wasn’t before, Bieber’s about to become one if he follows through on the tweet he sent today to Swift. Not only is she a natural beauty with a beautiful voice, but Swift recently used that gorgeous voice of hers to sing her own rendition of Bieber’s “Baby” at a recent concert. Who knew Taylor was such a fan of Justin and his music? Bieber heard about her performance of his hit song and sent Taylor Swift some Bieber love directly through a Twitter message to thank her for singing his tune.

“@taylorswift13 heard you sang BABY at your concert in TO. thank u for the loveÂ….might have to come by and stop in on a show.”

Did Justin just invite himself to one of Taylor’s performances? Do you think the real “Baby” singer will follow through on his tweet? Do you think Selena Gomez will be jealous that her boyfriend is tweeting an older woman?

Regardless, it’s cool that Taylor Swift decided to sing a little Justin Bieber in her show–perhaps the two of them will collaborate in the future.

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