Justin Bieber’s ‘Yellow Raincoat’ Leak a Fake?

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Did Justin Bieber’s “Yellow Raincoat” really leak online? Before the song was even leaked, it has been rumored to be about Selena Gomez. Lyrics for the song that popped up on the internet earlier this week could be about Selena, or anybody really. There is nothing that is really Selena-specific. There are some skeptics who wonder if it is even Justin’s song or him singing.

You can listen to the track below. It doesn’t really sound like the Biebs. The voice sounds a little more mature than Justin. However, it could be the work of auto-tune. While the lyrics to this so-called leaked song do sound like something the young star would right, it is hard to definitively say it is the Biebs singing. What if it is some random dude hiding behind the cover of the Believe Acoustic album?

Justin’s team has not said one way or the other if this is truly his song. That kind of adds a bit of mystery to the whole situation. Beliebers will be anxious to buy the new album and find out what Justin really has to say about Selena and other things going on in his life. In fact, fans who have listened to this purported leaked song are not convinced it is about Selena at all. One savvy person believes it is Justin Bieber singing about his life in the spotlight and how he copes.

You can take a listen to another song, which is 100 authentic Justin and determine for yourself if this leaked rendition is truly the Biebs or simply a hoax.

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