Justin Kowalczik’s Family Evicted

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Just a few days after the remains of 17-month-old Justin Kowalczik were discovered in the backyard of his family’s rented Farmingdale, NY, home, the family has been evicted, with their belongings being piled up in the driveway.

LATINO BLOTTER: Body of 17-Month-Old Found, Mother's Boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez, Person of Interest

Landlord Angela Lancia said, “This is my family’s property for 52 years, I rented it to what I thought was a nice couple, and they turned out to do this in my family’s yard; it’s pitiful what they did to that poor child, and then they made their other children play in that yard. Some people got no conscience.” Well, that may be true, ma’am, but you did just throw out a family that has some serious problems.

Justin Kowalczik’s mother, Heather, showed police where they could find her youngest son, who should have been 3 years old now, after she failed to produce the boy when asked his whereabouts by an official from Child Protective Services. Her live-in boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez, who is the father of her two older sons, but not Justin, has been named a person of interest in his death, but he is not cooperating with police.

This is a very strange situation. The boyfriend is looking pretty guilty, with his not talking to the police, but guilty of what, exactly? And what about the mother? She knew where the body was and didn’t tell anyone for 2 years that he was there. What has Heather Kowalczik said about this? What about the other children? Did they know what happened? Did they not notice that their little brother just wasn’t around anymore?

It sounds like someone had better start talking soon. There are so many unanswered questions surrounding the death of this little boy, but it’s clear that something bad happened to him. Why else would they bury him in the backyard? If his death was accidental or natural, wouldn’t it have been reported? Then again, Casey Anthony didn’t report Caylee’s accident, either. Hopefully this case is a little more cut and dry, with the truth being told and punishment being swift.

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