Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Give Sandy Victims a Hand

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Newlywed, Justin Timberlake, and his beautiful new wife, Jessica Biel, decided to give something back in the wake of their happiness. The Hollywood power couple handed out much needed supplies to some of the New York victims of Hurricane Sandy. Rumor is the couple remained in place in Rockaway until every truck delivery was complete for the day.

The duo seemed excited to do their part to help out those whose lives were shattered because of Sandy’s might temper. Looking more “normal” than usual, both Justin and Jessica still managed to wow the crowd with their obvious star power. He wore a simple navy jacket and a tan beanie. She donned dark wash jeans and black riding boots with a warm jacket. Biel proved all that Tinsel Town makeup wasn’t necessary, looking stunning virtually au naturale.

The couple went on a honeymoon to Tanzania shortly after their wedding. However, as soon as they returned to New York, they decided to pitch in and help with relief efforts. Surely fans of one or the other were thrilled to get an up close and personal glimpse of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. However, it’s more likely that people were simply glad to see anyone offering them some of the things that Mother Nature so cruelly took away.

It is always nice to see celebrities giving something back. They are often blessed with the kind of wealth few people will ever see. With that comes the responsibility to help others who are less fortunate. Its great that Jessica and Justin get that.

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