Justin Timberlake Dating Ashley Olsen?

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Looks like Justin Timberlake has really moved on from Jessica Biel — he’s rumored to be dating Ashley Olsen.

The two might seem like a bit of an odd couple, but they’ve got their child star past in common — Ashley starred on the show Full House alongside her sister Mary-Kate starting at a very young age, while Timberlake is a former Mouseketeer. But if Justin and Ashley are just bonding over their common past, this might not be a relationship built to last — Timberlake’s ex Britney Spears actually starred on The Mickey Mouse Club with him, but they didn’t have enough in common beyond sharing the small screen to keep their romance going beyond their teen idol days.

Ashley Mary Kate Olsen 2011 ShankboneAshley Olsen also doesn’t seem to fit in the same category as the other celebrities Justin Timberlake has dated. Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz are both older actresses who have embraced their sex symbol status with form-fitting clothes and sexy movie roles; Ashley Olsen looks a bit frail, dresses very frumpy (despite being into fashion), and seems to shun the spotlight.

However, insiders are reporting that the two are dating (or at least “hooking up”). They’ve been spotted catching Broadway plays together, at a Greenwich hotel, and at an SNL afterparty. A rep for JT denies that the two are anything more than friends, but it wouldn’t be surprising if secretive Ashley Olsen told Justin that she doesn’t want their relationship to go public — it would be much harder to avoid the paparazzi then.

So is Justin Timberlake trying to take a break from the spotlight himself by dating a girl who shuns it? If Ashley Olsen does the excellent job she’s done keeping her private life a mystery in the past, we may never know if the two are actually dating, and if they are, we won’t know when they break up, either (in essence, their relationship will be just as nonexistent as the fat on Ashley Oslen’s body).

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