Justin Timberlake to Reunite with Olivia Wilde for New Film – What about Olivia Munn?

Justin Timberlake is getting back with an Olivia, but it’s not Olivia Munn. Texting rumors are circulating that Timberlake wants Munn, even though he’s in a relationship with Jessica Biel! It’s all hearsay for now, since neither camp has come forward to dispute or confirm the gossip.

File:JustinTimberlakecloseJune07.jpgHowever, Timberlake is reuniting with another Olivia?Olivia Wilde. And no, a scandal is not involved with their reunion. It’s actually for work!

Wilde and Timberlake will co-star in the sci-fi thriller Now. Apparently, the two celebrities have quite a history together. They’re even good friends.

So far, the texting scandal hasn’t taken over Justin Timberlake’s personal life. No one as spoken up, and Jessica Biel didn’t seem distraught when she was photographed vacationing in Hawaii. It seems that only time will tell, if these rumors are true.

In the film Now, Olivia Wilde will actually play Justin Timberlake’s mother. That’s definitely some sci-fi stuff going on there, if the 26-year-old is going to play the mother of a 29-year-old!

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