Justin Timberlake’s Bachelor Party Pals Moon Paparazzi

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Justin Timberlake’s bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas likely involved the usual antics of a single man’s sendoff. Drinking, sports, and lack of clothing is very common among this type of party.

Adding a little school boy fun to their weekend, his pals were the ones without clothing. Upon realizing that there were paparazzi was over yonder, the men dropped their shorts for a full moon — which the photographers caught.

According to E!, the guy were playing volleyball when they posed for a very special photo. JT was smart, and only observed the bare behinds of his friends. He did look like he had a chuckle in the photo, even while keeping his pants on. At Justin Timberlake’s bachelor party his pals were the only ones to bare it all.

Since the former member of *NSYNC has lots of experience with the paparazzi, he likely kept his pants on for a reason. Imagine his future wife (Jessica Biel) waking up to see her fiance’s behind on Page Six? Good move Justin!

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