JWoww Goes Down For The Count On TNA Wrestling

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Once again, another sassy, classy Jersey Shore girl has revealed a new talent. This time, it’s JWoww who has stunned her fans by announcing her plans to make a guest appearence on Total Nonstop Action wrestling.

JWoww’s wrestling diva debut is no idol dream or fantasy ambition; it’s a done deal. According to TMZ, the reality starlet has already signed a contract to make a one night only guest appearence on Spike T.V.’s Thursday night “TNA Impact.” JWoww, nee Jenni Farley, will earn $15,000 for her one night rampage in the ring, and negotiations are already underway to bring her back for a return engagement. Not bad, considering she doesn’t even have a scheduled match or a definite opponent lined up. But then, leaping without looking while collecting as much cash as possible has become the credo of the Jersey Shore cast members. From The Situation’s appearence on Dancing with the Stars to Snooki’s eagerly awaited first novel, it’s all about the Benjamins. And who can blame them? It’s also about the timing.  Reality show “stars” are stars today. Tomorrow, who knows?  They might be demoted to whatever they were formerly.  So, they can hardly be blamed for basing their lives and careers on the concept of “carpe diem.” (A phrase which few of them would recognize or understand.)

At any rate, the question is: Can JWoww wrestle? In the end, her performance in the ring will depend on the caliber of her opponents. Rumor has it, she’ll most likely be matched up with “a couple of Jersey Shore-alike wrestlers named Robbie E. and Cookie.” Robbie E. and Cookie? Not exactly household names, (but then, a year ago, neither were, JWoww and Snooki). Can these women wrestle? And, more importantly, does at least one of them wear a poof?

The world will have to tune in to find out.

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