K Michelle Knocks Her Tooth Out but Keeps Singing Despite Huge Hole!

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K Michelle is a knockout. Literally. The reality TV star turned singer reportedly knocked out her own tooth while performing. At least you know she wasn’t lip-synching!

Apparently, when singing at a recent concert, Michelle put her all into it and slammed her face against the microphone, causing one of her teeth to pop out and go flying. She didn’t stop the show though and only looked for it after the show was over.

Here’s what is being reported by Media Take Out:

“She noticed it and went to take a sip of her JACK DANIELS. Then she smiled and the front row was like OMG! It was a HUGE black gap in her front grill!” 

Maybe all that Jack Daniels gave K Michelle some extra “oompf!”

Do you think that she should have addressed it? Or was she so embarrassed that she just had to keep on going without even talking about it? Poor girl!

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