K2: Legal Marijuana Sold Over The Counter

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Wow! It’s a marijuana substitute called K2 and it  is out in the open on display and sold as incense for up to $85 a gram.

K2 is ta mixture of herbs and spices produced from China and korea. It is also sprayed  with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana.

K2 is banned in many European countries and the United States military. However it is legal in  Illinois and the rest of the United States, but the federal Drug Enforcement Administration is trying to have it banned in Missouri and Kansas.

For several months a salesman in North Chicago had been selling K2 called Zohai and another salesman offered another called Spice. They both declined in giving their names.

In Kansas authorities say ex-cons on probations has been smoking the herb as well as using it to spread to hight school students.

Frank McCormick from a store in lakeview says most users can buy K2 online, but he refuses to sell it in his store. McCormick said he use to sell Salvia, a hallucinogenic sage plant.

“I sold some to a guy and he came back half an hour later, sweating like crazy, and said, Sell me some more! I decided I didn’t want anything to do with that stuff anymore.” McCormick explained.

Well I hope there are legal documents required for this marijuana substitute!

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