Kail Lowry Dishes on Javi Marroquin, Talks Wedding

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Kail Lowry and her beau of just over a year, Javi Marroquin, are rumored to be married after a copy of their marriage certificate hit the web earlier this week. However, the Teen Mom 2 couple has stayed mum on it, except for a few denials regarding the magazine’s quotes. Now, in an all new interview, Kail is dishing on her man, the relationship he has with her son, and their wedding.

Of introducing her son to Javi for the first time, Kail tells The Stir, “Javi actually wanted to meet Isaac right away, and I felt like that was kind of the best case scenario because if they didn’t bond, I knew it wasn’t going to work out with Javi.” So, how did it go? It couldn’t have gone any better for Kail. Her two main men hit it off immediately.

“They love each other. It’s so funny. In the morning, if Isaac wakes up and I’m not up yet, Javi will go get him and they’ll come in and stare at me or they’ll jump on the bed to wake me up. They love each other!” That sounds so adorable. Kail is so lucky to have found a guy so accepting of her son, even though he isn’t his father. No wonder she’s married to, or going to marry the guy!

As for the report that she’s already married, Kail doesn’t directly address it, but according to her, she’s still in the planning process for a wedding, so that kind of says it all. “We haven’t really set a date in stone yet,” she explains, and as for the MTV cameras, Kail says, “I would love to have them there!” Fans might be lucky enough to see two Teen Mom 2 stars get married on the show, the first being Leah Messer.

“I actually got a chance to go to Leah’s wedding,” Kail says, adding that she’d love her co-stars to attend her upcoming ceremony.

While Kail moved on from the father of her son, Jo Rivera, long ago, it’s still sometimes hard to see him with a new girl—and have that girl in her son’s life. “I struggled a lot with coming to terms with Jo dating someone else,” she explains. “I didn’t want her to be around Isaac, and to this day it’s still hard for me. I think I’ve come more to terms with it.”

Kail has come a long way since fans first met her. Not only is she nearly married, she’s got a stable home environment, and so does her son. Good for her!

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