Kail Lowry Reveals Tattoo Secrets

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Kail Lowry is known for doing her own thing. Not only does she refuse to conform to the size 0 expectations of Hollywood, she also isn’t afraid of a little ink. The Teen Mom 2 star has several tattoos including a couple on her forearms and a large dream catcher on her thigh. While may would stop there, she’s no where near done.

“I’m working on covering my whole body, so we’ll see,” Kailyn told The Stir. “To me it’s just art. I look at it as art. I mean, people are going to judge, but I’m open-minded to it.” Kail has set such a great example to girls, she should be proud. She lets it be known that you can be any size, and where anything, and it is okay. “Be yourself” might even be her life motto!

“I’ve had some kind of mixed reviews for my back, but it’s not finished, so it’s not fair! You can’t judge an unfinished piece,” she says, adding that it should be finished by the time she gets married. Regardless of how anything looks now, Kail shouldn’t be judged. She knows what she’s doing and she knows what she wants so everything will eventually be complete and amazing.

For more of Kail Lowry, tune in to the Teen Mom 2 season 3 premiere tonight on MTV at 10/9c.

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