Kail Lowry Reveals What About Jo Rivera’s Girlfriend She Doesn’t Like

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Kail Lowry has made it no secret that she’s not a huge fan of Jo Rivera’s new girlfriend Vee Tores. In fact, the Teen Mom 2 star refused to meet her baby daddy’s new girlfriend during a trip to NYC where they filmed the season 3 reunion show. So what gives? Jo and Vee have been together for a year and a half now, so one would think she’d have come around by now.

“It was just my first impression of her,” Kail explains. “Like, posting the pictures of drinking and smoking. It’s hard to change a first impression. In my mind even now, it’s just drinking and smoking, thats all I think of her as.” First impressions are certainly hard to get around, but as a mother, Kail may feel better after she gets to know her a bit. Vee is surely more than just a drinking, smoking, maniac and Kail would likely gain a sound mind having met her.

For Kail, she might not be ready to accept that there is another woman in Isaac’s life, but the fact of the matter is that there is, and she’s been there for a while now. Getting to know her would only benefit Kail in the long run. She should give Vee a chance.

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